Mission Statement

The Boyle County Detention Center’s mission is to adhere to the Department of Corrections, Local Facilities, jail standards and ensure all employees are knowledgeable of these baseline standards and are adequately trained to carry out their duties.  Our duty is to house incarcerated offenders in a manner that protects the public and institutional safety while providing a constitutional level of care and opportunities to acquire skills, which facilitate non-criminal behavior,and reduces the likelihood of re-incarceration.

Boyle County is a safer community to live and work because BCDC provides services and programs that allow for appropriate management and supervision of offenders.
Corrections is as our chosen career and the employees of BCDC are the cornerstones of this agency. They share a common purpose and a commitment to the highest professional standards and excellence in public service. BCDC is committed to our employees and continually strives to promote professional staff development.

Core Values:

  • To serve justice with Duty, Integrity and Professionalism.
  • Provide leadership in public safety and ensure model practices in the control and management of offenders.
  • Promote the corrections profession and development of staff.
  • Create a highly effective workforce whose practices demonstrate the highest professional standards.
  • Recognize the interest of victims, volunteers and criminal justice providers and acknowledge their input in the Department’s management of offenders.

Informational Documents:

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